Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time Machine Volume got Locked Due to Corrupt Disk Permissions

Time Machine volume is locked, what should I do? I am not able to access my Time Machine volume on my Mac machine after upgrade. How to fix Time Machine backup when it is locked?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Have you Cluttered your own Mac- Speed up Mac now!!

Many of us are obsessed to regularly download applications, games, and other stuff from the Apple Store on our Mac, but hardly ever bother to check them again. Likewise, some of the music freaks do tend to fill up a decent portion of the OS X drive only with their favorite collection of music files. These actions that seem to cause no trouble earlier become the major reasons for bogging down your Mac after a certain period of time.

There are some applications that keep adding bloat on your Mac hard drive and thus need to be checked almost periodically. Some of these are listed below:

Friday, March 8, 2013

Mac OS X: Diagnose and Fix Disk Issues

Macintosh, better known as Mac, is the world’s best operating system and of course, is the desire of every computer user today. It carries the title of being the best because of its high-level security, faster processing, and built-in fault-repairing mechanism, which makes it a robust operating system. However, Mac users are often observed complaining regarding file system errors, disk read errors, and partition failed errors. Since being the best is the achievement that nobody wants to condone, Apple Inc. also releases frequent resolutions for such frequently met bugs.