Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Features in OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion came in the market with a bang.  It boosts up every Mac user with a stream of energy with its new and enhanced features. There are number of features that are new and a few with their new and improved  version. Let’s have at look at such great features:

iCloud - It is now more powerful with its enhanced version. Now it works together on a Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. If you made a change on one, it will automatically update on ones. We uses iCloud to keep our mails, contacts, documents, calendars, notes, etc. All you need to do is use your Apple ID to sign in once and iCloud will be enable in all the applications that use it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How to Recover Data with Original File Name

There are many softwares available in the market to recover lost Mac data. But do these softwares recover files with their original names?? No. They just create a pile of recovered data giving machine generated names, making it difficult for the user to recognize the file they are looking for. Sometimes there are thousands of files in the recovered bundle and the one you are looking is lost in the way you never find it. Ultimately even after spending thousands of bucks, result is zero.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Clean Your Mac | Speed Up Mac | Improve Mac Performance

 I work as a manager in a private bank and use a Mac-based PC at my office. Every time I use my Mac computer, I tend to run 8 to 10 applications on it and at times, it works very slowly that I have to forcibly shutdown the system. Then I realized that I should restart the computer once but the performance of the system was same even after restarting. When this did not help me, I performed a search on the Internet to speed up my Mac PC. Here are some of tips to optimize Mac system:

  • Clean Startup Items
In Mac, some of the applications automatically set themselves as startup application. This causes them to load at every start. To avoid this, you should regularly remove startup items from ‘Login Items’.