Thursday, August 30, 2012

New Features in OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion came in the market with a bang.  It boosts up every Mac user with a stream of energy with its new and enhanced features. There are number of features that are new and a few with their new and improved  version. Let’s have at look at such great features:

iCloud - It is now more powerful with its enhanced version. Now it works together on a Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. If you made a change on one, it will automatically update on ones. We uses iCloud to keep our mails, contacts, documents, calendars, notes, etc. All you need to do is use your Apple ID to sign in once and iCloud will be enable in all the applications that use it.

iMessage - A new feature added to make the life of Mac users more simpler. Its possible now to send  message to anyone running iOS using iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You can start conversation on Mac and can continue it on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod, as message appear on every device you use. You will see when  someone is typing and when your message has been delivered. Not just text, you can send photos, videos, contacts, and documents to an individual or to a group.

Notification Center - Are you fed up with the pop ups here and there on you screen whether an email, a software update, a message, or anything. Mountain Lion came with the solution as Notification Center. It always appear at the same place on your desktop and quickly disappears, so it don't litter up your screen.

Power Nap – Opposite to us, Mac gets the things done even when it goes to sleep. Updates your Mail, Reminders, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, Find My Mac, Photo Stream, and Documents in the iCloud. And when the Mac is connected to a source of power, it makes backup with the Time Machine and download software updates.

Dictation – Tired of typing everytime. Now Mountain lion assures you that speaking is now typing. Dictation converts whatever you speak into text, even it understands punctuation. Say 'comma' or 'full stop', it punctuates for you. Dictation supports French, Japanese, German, and English(US, UK, and Australia).

Sharing – Share photos, videos, text and other files with Messages, Mail, and AirDrop right from the application you are using. There is a share button all over the Mountain Lion. Send links from Safari, and within few moments your post is on Facebook, Ficker, or Twitter.

Safari -  The new version of Safari make the web a faster and smarter way to browse. There is now only one field for web addresses as well as search terms. With your search Safari suggests to Hit, pages from your saved history and bookmarks, popular search terms to enable you to find a most suitable web page fastly. A page opened on Mac, iCloud makes it available on your iPhone or iPad too.

GateKeeper – As the name suggests Gatekeeper keep an eye on your downloads and protects you from malicious things on your Mac, and it gives you more control over your installed application. Download application from anywhere, either from the Mac App store or go for the Gatekeeper default option.

AirPlay – Using this feature you can setup your Mac on TV just with a click.  Now show videos to your friends on your HDTV, present to a conference hall, or or share classroom lessons.

Game Center – Now play any game on your Mac, iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Just create a Game Center account with your Apple ID, and sign in. Check all the games and pick the one you want to play. Check your score around the world. You can even challenge people you don't know and can start a multiplayer game with your friends.


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