Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Clean Your Mac | Speed Up Mac | Improve Mac Performance

 I work as a manager in a private bank and use a Mac-based PC at my office. Every time I use my Mac computer, I tend to run 8 to 10 applications on it and at times, it works very slowly that I have to forcibly shutdown the system. Then I realized that I should restart the computer once but the performance of the system was same even after restarting. When this did not help me, I performed a search on the Internet to speed up my Mac PC. Here are some of tips to optimize Mac system:

  • Clean Startup Items
In Mac, some of the applications automatically set themselves as startup application. This causes them to load at every start. To avoid this, you should regularly remove startup items from ‘Login Items’. 

  • Close Unused System Preferences
Apple has incorporated its operating system with a number of useful features as system preferences. However, all of these features may not be useful for you such as Universal Access or Bluetooth. These features take some of the resources in RAM and processor which in turn decrease the speed of your computer. Thus, make sure that these features are turned off if you are not using them.

  • Clean ‘Other’ System Preferences
In the System Preferences window, look for a pane named ‘Others’ which contains items that you don’t use or use occasionally. Disable these items from the Preferences Pane itself or remove them from the folder: ‘~/Library/PreferencePanes’.

  • Keep an Eye on Activity Monitor
Activity Monitor allows you to check CPU usage, virtual memory usage, RAM requirements. Check Activity Monitor regularly to keep an eye on all the activities and if there are any red flags.

You can follow above given measures to avoid slow performance issues on your Mac computer but these measures can only be performed by a person who is perfect is using Mac operating system. If you are a beginner to Mac OS X then it might be difficult for you to find out and perform these activities. In such cases, you can use a third-party software to Speed up Mac. These software are easily available on the Internet and can be used by a novice to remove unwanted files from the system.

To select the best software for your Mac computer, you can give a trial to some of them and check the features. You can also try Stellar Speedup Mac that comes with a free demo version. This software allows you to remove unwanted files, caches, logs, system junks etc. Moreover, this tool allows you to preview the data such as photos, music and video files before cleaning them from your system.

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