Monday, March 19, 2012

Lots of Desktop Files can Slow Down your Mac

Desktop is not a showcase for displaying beautiful icons, neither its a garbage bin to dump all the applications on.  Its a place that should be handle with most care, as carelessness with it affects your Mac performance.

Now, what do you get by caring your desktop?  It simply means, not to over-clutter it with lots of files and folders. Every single icon on desktop is a small limpid window with graphic i.e icon inside. That means, if you have 100 icons on desktop you have 100 open windows, each one filching some memory.

Sometimes, we hide the icons from desktop assuming that they are gone and now we can load the desktop with more ones. We hide the desktop icons by firing following command on terminal.

“defaults write CreateDesktop -bool false”

After hitting the enter you need to kill the filder using this command

“killall Finder”

But its a fake judgement with your Mac. We are just hiding items, not deleting them. It depicts that icons are still there, just not visisble. You can check these items in desktop folder.
To go to desktop folder follow this path:
Macintosh HD > Users > User Folder > Desktop

And to show them on desktop us the following command on terminal:

“defaults write CreateDesktop -bool true”

Now, Relaunch the Finder and your icons will show on the desktop as usual.

These files or icons are slowing down your Mac Performance and needs light to put on. All you need to do is, clean your desktop. As desktop just have icons of files, actually they are saved in a volume (Macintosh HD). Cluttering Macintosh HD means giving invitation to slow performance. So, if you love your Mac, love your desktop as well and don’t use it as a dustbin.

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