Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When Mac Hard Drive Get Crashed

OS X Hard Drive

It is the most important component of OS X and is a non-volatile storage media that provides safe and reliable data storage. It comprise of various logical components to store, retrieve, manage, and manipulate your precious data. For proper functioning of your Mac OS X computer, it is required for the hard drive components to perfectly perform the assigned task.

Hard Drive Crash Reasons- Mainly Due to Logical Components

However, in some cases, the logical components of your hard drive may get damaged and hard drive crashes. When you hard drive crashes, there could be a serious problem with the logical components of the storage media.

Symptoms of Hard Drive Failure

Some of the most frequent symptoms of Mac OS X hard drive crash are as given below:
•    A flashing question mark when you boot your Mac OS X computer.
•    You encounter an error message stating- “The disk is damaged do you want to initialize?”
•    The removable cartridge can not mount on Macintosh desktop.
•    You see a Sad Mac icon while booting your Mac machine.
•    You run across “-127 error disk could not used/found” error message.


The problem may occur due to any of the below reasons-
•    Operating system is unable to find startup disk.
•    Device driver of Mac hard drive is corrupt.
•    The hard drive file system is corrupt.
•    Directory structure of Macintosh hard drive is damaged.


Try out the below methods to sort out this problem-
•    Repair startup disk using Disk Utility.
•    Replace corrupt device driver.
•    Format hard drive, reinstall operating system, and then restore data from the most recent backup. You should use this option only as a last resort as it removes data from the drive.

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