Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tips to Avoid Hard Drive Corruption and Fine-tune Your Mac OS X

Facing intermittent disk corruption issues is perhaps the worst part of the life of a Mac user. In order to mitigate the risks of unexpected data disasters, user carry out routine maintenance of their hard disk drives. Maintenance typically involves implementing a comprehensive backup strategy and performing regular updates for all third-party software installed on your computer. Maintenance is often confused with troubleshooting and is not limited to these basic steps. Digging deeper into this concern, you will find a plethora of solutions to get your drive in good working order. You can perform cache cleaning, disk defragmentation, permissions repair, and update prebinding to avert potential hard drive problems and squeeze best performance from your Mac system.

Cache Cleaning:
A routine cleanup of your System and User cache files is the best remedy to fix a lot of issues in Mac. This process may help to remove all the inconsistent or corrupt information in your cache files. Corrupt caches could a major source of trouble for Mac users.

Practicing Hard Drive Defragmentation:
It is worthwhile to defragment your Mac drive regularly, especially when the drive is full or you are involved in a rigorous video-editing task. Defragmentation results in improved performance and extended hard drive life. This process also helps to point out bad sectors on the disk that may damage your vital data.

Repairing Disk Permissions:
‘Repair Permissions’ should be included in your regular maintenance plan. This indeed becomes essential when you install various third-party software installers on your Mac. Most of these installers tend to modify permissions on system-related files and folders. This can create further problems in the smooth functioning of your Mac.

Update Prebinding:
Mac OS X uses a mechanism called ‘prebinding’ to shorten the launch time of applications. An application is said to be prebound when it has a cache of all the required symbols in an already bound state. Several enhancements have been made to the later versions of Mac OS X to improve prebinding capabilities. However, it is necessary to regularly update the prebinding of your Mac installation to accelerate your system performance.

Although these strategies help to improve performance and prevent disk corruption on your Mac, various other unforeseen factors may result in severe data loss. In such crisis situation, you should take help of professional Mac data recovery software like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. The tool is adept at recovering data lost due to any accidental deletion, hard drive formatting, storage media corruption, virus infection, and other similar reasons.

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