Sunday, December 23, 2012

In What Respects Mac is a Better Platform than Windows

It is no surprise that everyone loves the world of Windows. However, when you peek into the latest Mac OS X platform, you will probably do a double take. Listed below are some of the reasons which will make you consider Mac as a better option and put it ahead of Windows. 

Meet the Mac's New Avatar: OS X
Before the advent of OS X, Mac was nothing more than a 'proprietary machine' making it incompetent for doing business in real time. The new OS X is all about usability and integration. It enjoys seamless compatibility with a vast majority of applications and platforms, thus making your life easier. Further, the rock-solid UNIX foundation is a major enhancement in both stability and security.

The Intel's Advantage
The idea behind moving to Intel hardware was to provide flexibility to a user to enable him play around with processors, hard drive, and memory. You can anytime plug out your hard drive, replace memory, or take the advantage of multitude of USB peripherals that are supported by OS X.

Mac Mini: Another Big Move by Apple
This move was particularly good for PC users who wanted to switch to the platform and possibly try everything on Mac. You can easily connect your existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the Mini and start using every reliable piece of software available with OS X.

Doing Away with Drivers
With Macs, you do not require searching for the correct set of drivers for your system because Apple's hardware has been designed to work with the software and thus supported officially. This saves you a number of productive hours required for seeking the correct drivers to make your Mac function normally.  

Affordable Price
There's a myth in the minds of most of you that Macs cost much more than what a Dell or HP Pavilion machine would. In reality, Macs are cheap when it comes to their resale value. The first Intel MacBook Pro is still £300 worth on eBay.

Boot Windows on Mac
If some Mac geek want to have hands-on with other platforms, it is certainly a good news as Apple now allows you run Windows with OS X. You can use Boot Camp to install Windows alongside Mac on the same drive and play your favourite PC games.

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