Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Data Recovery from LaCie Hard Drive

LaCie is the manufacturer of external hard drives and deals in personal storage devices to RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) devices and NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. Their build such hard drive configurations for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are not much susceptible to failure and corruption. LaCie provide an integrated solution for consumer utilized hard drives that may include SATA and IDE devices, and even RAID (RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5) devices. 

Symptoms of LaCie Hard Drive Failure 

Though LaCie hard drives are dependable, failure of multiple hard drives during configuration and maintenance of a RAID leading to data loss are often notified. A slew of common symptoms are recorded and a few of which leading to hard drive corruption are listed below:
  • System BIOS fails to recognize it.
  • It makes continuous clicking noises during attempting to boot up and even while operating.
  • It will not spin properly even after making several attempts.
  • Continuously making whining noises indicating motor is about to crash.
  • Hard drive fails to access system files.
A LaCie hard drive crashes just like a normal hard drive; however, chances of data recovery are higher in its case.

Categories of Failure in hard drive

Hard drives are more termed as mechanical devices than any electromagnetic computer component. The components attached inside a hard drive are a continuously rotating disk (platter) and a read/write head. A number of logical faults are notified that are comprised of internal errors and other non-mechanical errors. These errors are collectively fall under four broad categories i.e. electronic, firmware, and mechanical.

What after Failure?

When a LaCie or any other hard drive is about to crash, it often notifies the criticality by making clicking or whining noises in case of a mechanical or electronic failure. However, it is not possible to notify a logical or a firmware failure as at a user level, no one can judge the failure situation while one can prevent data loss by creating a backup of the data.

To create a backup of the data, one needs to have good data backup software that can do it efficiently. Creating a backup of the data ensures that you are not going to lose it; however, it should be kept at a secure place i.e. a network drive, a data traveler device, or an external hard drive. If the point comes to a recovery tool, one certainly wishes for such software that can recover the data in its original form. 

In case, if you are a Mac user and suffer hard drive crash, you need drive recovery software for Mac that can thoroughly scan your Mac hard drive and recover your data intact and maintains overall data integrity.

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