Monday, April 22, 2013

Fix Empty Blue Screen in Mac OS X 10.8.2

A blank blue screen or blue screen with a spinning beach ball on startup in Mac OS X is a frequently- observed issue that does not let it boot to desktop, but makes it freeze. The issue might have been observed due to incompatible or corrupt startup items and applications. You neither can guess the cause(s) of the inaccessibility nor can fix them until you boot into the machine. The situation can probably be fixed, if you are carrying the OS X install disc; however, make sure the disc must be same that came with your Mac machine or OS X retail package, as other than that was provided by the manufacturer may not work. Follow step-by-step procedure to fix the issue:

Boot Mac machine in Safe Mode

Safe mode, the problem diagnostic mode of a computer operating system, provides access to utility and diagnostic programs so that the user can troubleshoot the issues affecting the normal startup of the operating system.

Safe mode is intended for maintenance not functionality and provides minimal access to features. Follow the below mentioned steps to enter into the safe mode on a Mac machine:
  • Shutdown the Mac machine and restart after a gap of  10 sec (at least)
  • Press and hold the Shift key immediately after you hear Mac startup tune.
  • Release Shift key after the gray Apple logo and startup progress bar appears.
  • After the Mac successfully boots into Safe Mode, restart it normally (do not press any key while Mac is booting) and see whether the problem persists.

Incompatible Startup Items

There might be a situation when your Mac machine boots up to the login window, but does not progress after logging in. The issue could be denoting that there are incompatible startup items and applications that run automatically on boot. Refer to below mentioned steps to remove incompatible login items:

  • Shutdown the Mac machine and restart after a gap of 30 sec (at least) while pressing the Shift key.
  • Release Shift key after the gray Apple logo and startup progress bar appears.
  • Type your password, if prompted, and then press and hold the Shift key while clicking “Log in” button.
  • Choose Apple icon in the task bar-> select System Preferences, and click Users & Groups.
  • Click your account name, and then select Log in items tab (Note down all login items shown here)
  • Check all the check boxes in front of the items and click minus (­­-) button to delete them
  • Restart the Mac.

If you find the problem is resolved, add required items again and restart after adding each one. Remove the one that is found incompatible after restart.
Repair, Backup and Reinstall OS X

If the issue does not resolve, insert startup disk, repair disks and associated permissions using Disk Utility. Backup your important data and reinstall Mac OS X.

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