Friday, February 10, 2012

Easy Ways to Recover Mac Data

Data loss or hard drive crash is one of the most common problems that everyone faces at some time. It can be because of various reasons and situation like accidental deletion, physical damage, logical error, power failure etc. 

Below are the given possible ways to recover lost data back.

Process to recover data when hard drive boots

In this case, though you have lost your data still there is a positive factor that your Mac is working. Data can be recovered via a reliable data recovery application. There are many data recovery software available online like Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery, Disk Drill and many more.
Download -> Install -> Recover

Process to Recover Data when hard drive does not boot

What if your hard drive doesn’t boot? I faced this problem a few days back. Here, your drive goes completely inaccessible. The main cause of such behavior of your drive is corruption of OS X files. I searched and found solution for the same and successfully recovered my data using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software.

The whole process i went though:

  • Stellar provides a boot DVD with software.
  • I inserted Stellar Boot DVD into my DVD drive and restarted my Mac.
  • Kept on pressing 'C' key till the time my Mac boot from DVD.
  • At License Agreement screen, clicked 'I Agree' button that let me into the recovery action screen.
  • There were four options and as per my requirement “Quick Recovery” was the convenient one, so i continued with it.
  • Selected the volume from which i want to recover data, and clicked 'continue'.
  • It shown me the preview of all the files that can be recovered in a list view.
  • Then i select the one's that i want to recover and clicked 'Recover' option.

By following the above steps i recovered my data in quite simple and convenient way.

This was the case if you have boot DVD of any data recovery software. What if you don't have boot DVD as well. Then you need another working Macintosh machine to recover your data. Just connect your hard drive from which you want to recover data to another Mac and install a data recovery software and recover your data by the same process explained in 'when your hard drive boots’.

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