Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Overview on Slow Performance of Mac

All of us hate slow performance of our beloved Mac, but no matter how effective and efficient our Mac is, there comes a time when it becomes sluggish and starts taking too much time even performing simplest task. At this situation we all want to look up for the reasons of slow Mac and definitely possible ways to fix this issue. Let us understand the possible reasons behind the slow performance of Mac:
  • Too many unused items on the dashboard: A cluttered dashboard is one of the major causes of slow performance of Mac. Since, all these widgets which are present on the dashboard of your Mac use memory and every time when you start Mac they load thus decrease the performance of Mac.
  • Presence of unused large duplicate files/language files: Using Mac over a period of time we collect so many large duplicate files and language files which are useless or very rarely used. Thus, presence of all these unnecessary items eats up the precious memory space of our Mac and thus slows down its performance.
  • Almost full hard drive: It is needless to explain that nearly full hard drive of Mac dips down its performance.
  • Too many unnecessary programs running in the background: Most of the Mac users leave several unused programs running. However, when our Mac is new, this lag is not pretty much noticed but over a period of time doing this slows down the performance of Mac. Thus, it is recommended to close all those programs which are not in use.
  • Unused applications, plug-ins, large Internet cache and junks: Our Mac with time collects large number of applications and plug-ins which are almost useless but their presence definitely slows down Mac’s performance. Internet cache and junk files are created with every instance of browsing; this too is a big factor behind sluggish Mac.

Above mentioned are prominent causes for slow performance of Mac and thus to optimize the performance of your Mac, you are required to clean your Mac. There are various third-party utilities which clean up all the unnecessary items and thus make your Mac as smart as new. One such utility is Stellar SpeedUp Mac. This efficient Mac utility software removes all the unwanted files, cache, system junk, logs, etc. By using the ‘Drag and Drop’ operation of the software, you can very easily uninstall all the unwanted applications as well as you can activate scheduler to perform this task automatically at the  specific time. Moreover, this reliable utility software is available for the latest Mac OS X 10.7 – Lion.

So, now you don’t need to think that how I clean my Mac, just download and install Stellar SpeedUp Mac and optimize its performance!!!

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