Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Reliable and user-friendly Mac utilities to manage partitions

Logical partitions in a Mac hard drive helps in storing different categories of data separately. At the purchase level, the Mac hard drive has just one single volume so that you can make as many partitions or volumes in the drive as per your requirement. Apart from creating or adding new partitions to the hard drive, there can be many other needs, such as deletion of unwanted volume, formatting of the unwanted content in a volume, increasing or decreasing the size of any volume etc. In order to perform these operations and manage Mac partitions with ease, there are many Mac utilities available in the current market.

May be when you bought your first Mac, you did not exactly know what different kinds of files, you would store. You made just two volumes – one for documents and the other for entertainment. But, later you realized the need of separate volumes for official documents and personal data. This means, you have to create a separate partition in the hard drive.

At times, you may feel that one of your volumes require more storage space, in order to accommodate a particular category of data in that single volume. Similarly, there can be volumes with unnecessary space, which can be utilized in another volume.

Apart from these, there are occasions, when due to file system corruption, operating system malfunction or virus attack, Mac volumes become completely inaccessible. Even, at times the volumes are so badly corrupt that they can not be formatted. If you failed to repair such a corrupt or inaccessible volume, you do not have any alternate left, except deletion of the volume and creation of a new one.

For all the above situations, including creation, deletion, formatting or resizing of partitions, Apple has provided an inbuilt utility, called 'Disk Utility'. But, these days, you can find a number of reliable Mac applications, which can help managing your Mac in a much easier way like Stellar Partition Manager. Unlike Disk Utility, these utilities have more appealing and friendlier graphical user interface to manage Mac volumes. Even, some of the utilities provide features, like Hiding or Revealing Mac partitions, against unauthorized access. Moreover, these third-party Mac utilities are equally advanced and come with detailed instructions for performing each operation, without any further assistance.

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