Friday, January 20, 2012

A Pack of 12 Mac Utilities to Keep Mac Healthy | Stellar Drive ToolBox2

Stellar drive Toolbox for Mac OS X is now with advanced utilities in its new version. Drive ToolBox2 is comprehensive software to maintain and manage your Mac in the best way. It is a combination of 12 different utilities and a free bonus utility to optimize your drive performance, managing partitions, repairing corrupt volume, defragging fragmented hard drive, wiping data beyond recovery, encrypting confidential data etc.

  • Enhance Mac performance by removing unwanted files and applications.
  • Performs functions like cloning your hard drive or creating drive or volume image.
  • Defrags fragmented hard drive to optimize free space.
  • Creates, deletes, format and resize Mac partitions.
  • Encrypt important files or folders to maintain data security.
  • Provides all details of the system in detailed as well as summarized view.
  • Wipe unwanted and sensitive data beyond recovery.
  • Completely scans your system to find bad sectors
  • Checks performance level of drives and volumes.

What’s New in Drive ToolBox2?
  • Speedup Mac
  • Drive Defrag
  • Drive Clone
  • Partition Manager
  • Data Encryptor (Free)

For New features in Drive ToolBox2 CLICK HERE

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