Monday, January 2, 2012

Crap Remover and Performance Booster- SpeedUp Mac

Are you aware of files in your Mac eating up your system performance?? Let me tell u. There are Cache Files, Log Files, Junk Files etc. Such files and applications halt the System Performance and occupies a Quality Space. After a certain period of time our system go slow and we people think that its because our system is growing old but there is nothing like that, its because of these unwanted Files and Applications.

SpeedUp Mac by Stellar efficiently Removes Clutter, Enhance System Performance and Optimize free space. The software works both as a cleaner and uninstaller.

Basically there are 3 Options:

SpeedUp Now: It is a complete booster for your System. It is used to clean your whole System. Old large Files, duplicate Files, universal binaries, log files, cache/temporary Files etc. consumes your drive space. Moreover, SpeedUp Mac enables you to backup your files before removing them from the Hard Drive. You can also discard or include a particular file type.

Clean My Mac: It enables you to clean a particular volume. As in SpeedUp Now you can not select  a volume, is the major difference between two. This feature works on individual Mac volumes and enables you to gain considerable amount of disk space.

Uninstaller: It removes all avoidable applications, widgets and plug-ins that exist in the system . You can simply drag or drop an application that you want to remove into 'Application Uninstaller Area' or choose from the list of applications.
Widgets and plugins eats up a lot of space contributing in slowing down System Performance. Some widgets keep on running even when you’re not using your dashboard and some plugins got automatically downloaded without your knowledge. Uninstaller scans the entire drive listing out all the widgets and plugins, thus enabling us to delete the unwanted ones.

Some Important features

  • Scheduler: Scheduler in Preferences enables you to run the software at particular intervals, say 1 week, it will scan your Mac and list all the unwanted files and applications. And its totally upon you to delete those files that you feel are not required. 
  • Advance: It is basically to alert you that your Trash is full. By default max limit is 1GB but you can set it upto 5GB, and when trash exceed that limit a message will pop up to clean your trash.
  • Devices: If you connect any external device to your Mac it will scan that device and delete the junk and binary files from it.

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