Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enhanced and Improved Utilities in DriveToolBox2

Wipe: After erasing data, we can still recover it as data is still there on hard drive. What if you have confidential data and can't take any risk of its recovery? In this case Wipe is your Saviour. It completely wipes out your data from memory beyond recovery and protects you from prying eyes.

Drive Initializer: It helps you format your hard drive in appropriate way and enables you to create new partitions in HFS+ or FAT 32 format but make sure to take backup before formatting your drive. As per your requirement you can choose GUID partition, Apple partition and Master Boot Record. This module can help you convert your Intel based Mac hard drive to Apple partition to make it compatible with Power PC.

Surface Scan: This utility scans every block of your hard drive or volume for bad sectors. After scanning it will give you all the information about sectors and block size and helps you prepare for all kind of Block-specific errors. It does not deallocate the bad blocks; just give you information about them. All the bad blocks will be shown as red in grid format. 

Volume Repair: Whenever you face any problem regarding accessing a volume like unable to open a file, cannot store data etc., straight away go for Volume Repair software. It checks for error in volume and fixes them. There are three option available- Verify, Repair and rebuild. “Verify” scans the entire volume and checks for errors. “Repair” Helps in repairing errors found after verification and “Rebuild” is a combination of verify and repair.
Drive Stats: Drive Stats give you complete information regarding your hard drive/volume status and displays complete details like drive name, drive size, partition map type, file count, available free space etc. You can efficiently track your drive performance by going through its basic information, description and SMART parameters.

Drive Performance: It helps you to better analysis and evaluates the performance of your hard drive by measuring the data transfer speed while different read/write or I/O operations and gives you the result in both graph and raw layout. You can compare your drive performance by the stored results of other systems.  

Raw Data Editor: This is an advanced utility for advanced Mac users. It displays all the data stored on your drive in hex format and enables you to reset the offset value of any corrupt file. This can help you fix any minor corruption but it’s always advised to create a clone or an image of your hard drive before making any changes to file structure.

Shield: shield helps you to recover your deleted data and automatically create images at the scheduled time. You can recover your data effortlessly by using backup images.

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