Thursday, April 26, 2012

How can I copy my Mac disk to external drive

I usually stuck into the situations which lead me nowhere as i am left with no data. Such horrible situations generally arises because of some common reasons:

  • Boot drive got corrupt.
  • Upgrading to later version.
  • Accidentally delete boot partition.

To overcome such critical situations where even boot drive is corrupt, the best solution is to create copy(clone) of Mac disk to external drive.  And the best part is, the clone of drive enables you to work even if you loose access to Operating System or system get crashed.

Its always recommended to backup your data before upgrading to later version or before sending your machine for repair. And to backup your data, applications, email settings, preferences, and OS, you need to clone your Mac to an external drive.

So, whenever you want complete backup of your hard drive, simply:

  • Install Stellar drive Clone.
  • Select “Disk Clone” and go for the option Clone with resizing.
  • Select the destination drive, its preferred to clone an an external drive.
  • Click continue and your clone is ready.

Stellar Drive clone provides 2 cloning options:

Disk Clone: It creates the clone of entire disk including all the drives.

Volume Clone: It gives the option of creating clone of a particular volume. It can be your boot volume or any other.

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