Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to Recover Mac Data when Disk Image Got Corrupt?

Is your major concern is regarding your data safety? Do you have your most important data stored in your Mac? If 'Yes', then you should go for the most safest option of data backup. And one of the best way of taking backup is by creating image of your hard drive. Creating disk image in Mac OS X is the easiest and fastest process, that protects your treasure of data from any kind of data loss situation.

You can say Disk image itself is a file, which comprise all the files and directories, and the structure of hard drive as well. It contains each bit of  entire hard drive , thus creating a perfect replica of the drive. It is the most commanding way, that diminishes the need of Mac Data Recovery.

In Mac OS X various file formats are available that you can use for image creation of the hard drive, and .DMG(Disk Image) is the most common one. The format delivers both security and file distribution functions, as it enables you to have password protection and file compression.

.DMG file can be created by inbuild uility of Mac i.e. Disk Utility. Thye uility is available in Mac OS X 10.3 and its higher versions. You can mount a .DMG file as a hard drive volume using Finder in Mac . To create .DMG file follow this path:
Go to Utilities > Disk Utility > New Image

Its a Universal truth that nothing can be perfect, so do Disk Image. Although, it is one of the best option to prevent data loss situations, however sometimes, you got below error message when you try to mount the disk image for accessing data from it:
> "The disk image you are opening may be damaged and could damage your system. Are you sure you want to open this disk image?"

Prior to mount an image, OS detects, Is it corrupted?As the corrupted image can cause data loss. Such complication halt you from restoring data and need Data Recovery Software to fix the problem.

Mac Data Recovery can easily be performed with the help of powerful and advanced third-party software like Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. The  utility performs absolute recovery in all logical data loss situations with superior scanning algorithm, simple and user-friendly interface, and read-only conduct.

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