Friday, April 20, 2012

Time Machine Backup- Not Visible

Are you using Mac Time Machine believing it’s the safest option for backup?? Let me put light on one of the issues that you should be aware of before using it. Though it’s a great option to backup, what if backup is not visible? 

The problem arises because of many reasons like:
  • External drive got corrupt or is inaccessible.
  • Time Machine got corrupt, eventually and inevitably.
  • External drive doesn't run on any other system etc.

Drive corruption is not a big issue, it happens, that's too quite frequently because of many reasons like improper shutdown, power failure, system crashes or locks up, etc.  Time Machine corruption may cause due to file system corruption in OS X. When trying to connect an external drive with other system, sometimes external drive does not mounted on another system.

Sometimes users format the Mac and want to recover data from Time Machine backup, but they didn't find anything on hard drive. This is the most frustrating moment for Mac users, as they have taken the backup but not been able to recover.

The condition leads to the tragic situation, i.e. data loss. Now you can't access your data as your drive is like the one that's got formatted. And you need to recover data to save you and your business.

In such situation, only data recovery software can be your Saviour. Recovery from formatted hard drive is possible only with the help of data recovery utilities. These utilities are powerful and advanced third-party applications, made with read-only and non-destructive design. The applications perform absolute recovery with high-end scanning technique in all the logical data loss situations.

One of the best data recovery software is Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery. But the only condition to recover Time Machine backup is, time machine should be accessible. Means backup drive got corrupt, but time machine is accessible. The software can easily recover data from formatted drive with its Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery option.

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